March 18, 2014

My Bridal Shower and a Break


Sorry for the radio silence. Things are really gearing up around these parts and I fear that this little corner of the Internet will have to take a back seat. I'll pop back in when I can :)

For now, I want to share a few photos from my Bridal Shower that was held this past weekend. It was such a special and wonderful weekend! I didn't stop smiling :) Being surrounded by some of my favorite and most important women in the world was truly amazing.

We had friends and family in town to help me celebrate and I was really "showered" so sweetly with gifts! Spoiled I tell you! My mom and sister took many, many more photos on the nice camera, but these simple i-phone photos will have to do :)

My sister and I enjoyed getting pampered in the morning at Dry Bar - Bethesda and my dress is Lilly (last season and I scored it on major sale, but I also love this one, this one, and this one!).

Surrounded my by mom, sister, and two of my aunts

Twin/MOH and Future Sister in Law :)

With my amazing bridesmaids who were in town!

The amazing Mom's! Paul's on the left, mine on the right
Blonde bombshell sandwich. How cute is my rehearsal bouquet? Complete with a "W" :)


  1. you look beautiful! love the dress. and your bouquet is too cute! You know I'll be copying that initial in the bouquet idea :)

  2. What a fun day and a great group of women!!

  3. Yall look gorgeous! It’s always so fun going to Drybar before an event. Love the “W” addition to your bouquet!

  4. Thank you ladies!!! It was really fun :)

  5. you're gorgeous! nothing like bridal showers, such a fun time of life! Xo

    the well-traveled wife ♥