January 8, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Honeymoon Booked!

Turtle Inn - Belize
 After more or less taking a holiday break from wedding planning, we've kicked off the 2014 with a major decision - we booked our honeymoon!!! We were considering a few different locations, but in the end we've decided on BELIZE and we couldn't be more excited! If it's good enough for Reese Witherspoon, it's good enough for me ;) Thought we are not staying in the same bungalow she stayed in, ha.

Francis Ford Coppola has two resorts down in Belize, and we'll be spending time at each: Blancaneaux Lodge and the Turtle Inn. Between the two we'll have plenty of relaxation and beach time (Turtle Inn) and adventure in the jungle (Blancaneaux). Bonus - it's only 7 hours from D.C.

 A few more photos of the Turtle Inn:

Blancaneaux Lodge:

Ahhhhh we're so excited! Have you been to Belize? Did you know Coppola does more than make movies? He also has a vineyard, and we'll be happily tasting all of the wines when we're on our honeymoon, because, why not?

Yup, these little beauties are part of his collection!

Wines, jungle, and beaches? What else can I girl ask for?


  1. That sounds amazing!!! The pictures are seriously stunning and anywhere with beach and wine makes for a wonderful honeymoon!! Congrats!

  2. Mere thèse Belize photos look amazing!! I am so excited for you and Paul!