January 6, 2014

Trying to Start the Year on a Healthy Note

As with many others, I'm trying to make 2014 a healthier year. A few more veggies, a few less chips. And maybe a few more runs around the neighborhood.

To help get me started on the eating side, Paul and I are going to try and eat Paleo-friendly during the week, especially at dinner time. I've read Jessica Quirk's blog about the Whole 30, and you can't argue with those results! It's about more than weight loss.

Paul was given this book as a gift for Christmas and he even treated me to a night off from cooking last week so he could try out a recipe (such a joy). While I cannot commit to going full-on Paleo, I admire the fact that he is committing to it and am going to give it the 'ole college try at least for dinner-time.  Last night's menu: grilled chicken, roasted brussel sprouts, and roasted sweet potatoes. Pretty good :)

Run: Swiftly Tank
On the fitness side I am going to try out a few new classes at the gym. On Saturday I did my favorite class, Body Pump (a mix of lifting weights & cardio), followed by a Body Flow class which was yoga + core work. I haven't done yoga in years and I'm still in pain. That is hard stuff.

Like any girl, I of course wanted new workout clothes to motivate me at the gym :)
wunder unders 
Ok. So confession - I don't own any lululemon workout clothing. Well, I guess I used to not own any. I was gifted a pair of wunder unders, and while they were soooo comfy, they were totally see-through sheer when I bent down/over.  Anyone else have this problem? I tried on no less than 8 other crop pants and I had the same problem with each. Bummer.

I opted instead for two Run: Swiftly tanks and am very pleased with them.

Old Navy Compression Leggings - my fav! 

These compression leggings from Old Navy are by far my favorite. And they're only $18 (you're welcome). A few more of these are heading my way very soon.

What do you do to help motivate healthier habits? Anyone else get a new cookbook or new workout clothes? 


  1. I'm a sucker for Lululemon workout clothes and while they're expensive, I've had the same workout tops for years and they still hold up great. My favorite leggings are actually from Gap Fit! They're not sheer at all, are almost always on sale and have lots of style options!

  2. I am a lululemon fanatic! You should try taking the pair you had an issue with back to the store, I bet they would exchange them - they have wonderful customer service!

    I'm having trouble staying motivated to work out too! I just moved to a new city and my favorite studio (Pure Barre) is a little further away from my apartment than I'd like. However...I decided that if I can go to 10 classes in 3 weeks than I deserve this lulu workout bag I've been eyeing... crazy, right?