January 17, 2014

Friday Links

The ever beautiful, Grace Kelly

Happy Friday! What do you have on tap this weekend? Are you lucky enough to have a 3-Day Weekend? I thankfully am :) My mom, sister, and I are planning to hash out a LOT of wedding details this weekend (just a little over 4 months to go!). I'm beginning to have some funny wedding dreams (boardering on nightmares!) so I think getting tons of planning and items crossed off our to-do list will help me sleep a little  better at night ;)

Here are some items I discovered this week

- I loved learning about which nutrients and vitamin packed foods can really help boost your mood and help beat the winters blues

- Erin Gates nailed Olivia Pope's wardrobe (and now I want a big glass of red wine)

- Sometimes I get stuck in such a hair-rut. I may try out these loose waves over the weekend

- Did you wear a garter in your wedding? Or do you plan to? I'm not sure yet, but BHLDN has some very pretty and feminine ones

- I tried this recipe this week. It was good, but I have some room for improvement on my end!

- One of the things we're going to tackle this weekend in our wedding planning pow-wow's -- narrowing down what I want our flowers to look like


  1. Great links, have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Can I please have all of Olivia Pope's wardrobe??