December 23, 2013

Weekend Recap - Merry Christmas!

Just like that, it's Christmas Eve EVE!

For those of you who have to work today (like moi), I hope you're rocking out to Christmas music all day. The Pandora station "All I Want for Christmas (Is You)" is SO good.

This last weekend before Christmas was a great one. Paul and I will be traveling tomorrow (Polar Express!) up to NY to spend Christmas with his family, which meant that this past weekend was chalk full of my family time :) (p.s. anyone else going to be away from home for Christmas this year for the first time? I can't believe this will be my first Christmas not waking up with my family! I'm going to miss them sooooooooooo much.)

Christmas #1 with my family was wonderful! Paul and I got spoiled by my parents and siblings. We had a great Italian feast together (isn't my Mom's table spread above beautiful and perfectly festive?!) I plan to FaceTime with my family on Christmas morning/night so I can see them open more of their gifts. Thank goodness for technology!

The rest of the weekend was spent running last minute errands and wrapping. And maybe nursing a tiny bit of a wine-headache after Paul's boss' annual Christmas party on Saturday night ;)

The CSH Team + significant others at the party

Paul... possibly on the Naughty list
p.s. that's my brother in the mirror taking our photo! He was at the party, too :) Paul's boss has children my brother's age

Ok fine, he's back on the Nice list

A Christmas classic on in the background while I wrapped
Wishing each one of you a joyous Christmas! There's so much to be grateful this year -- be safe and soak up all that amazing family time!

I'll be taking most of the week off, but will be plugging in from Part 2 of our holiday travels from down in Florida :)


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  1. What a beautiful Christmas table and I love your dress! May you have a beautiful Christmas!