December 18, 2013

Reposting: No Gym Workout

I love working out in the morning before work. I feel like it energizes me better than a cup of coffee, but these cold wintry mornings make it almost impossible to get motivated to walk my gym. Lately I've been using my "No Gym Workout" post from back in March once or twice a week when I want to work out, but not brave the chilly, dark walk to my gym ;)

This work out is awesome to do when traveling and I've even done it in hotel rooms before! I use my iPhone stopwatch function for the planks and wall-sit.  Posting it again now in case anyone else gets stumped on how to stay healthy over the holidays and traveling. xo

Re-post from March 2013:

 Each routine took about 7-8 min, so under 25 min total. 
While, I don't think this will replace my normal workouts, this is easy to do in my small apartment living area and my heart rate def got up. Keeping this pin in my back pocket for future mornings I'm in a pinch. 

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