June 11, 2013

Work it Out

Yesterday was a particularly Monday-y Monday. Hectic work day, terrible weather, you know, your regular Monday. I decided to go for a run after work and thank goodness I did, total stress buster. It hurt for the first few minutes (thanks to being glued to my seat all day), but by the end it felt amazing.

Part of the workout is the gear, right? When running I love to wear the classic Nike short. Ever since running track in high school these have been my go to for cardio on the track and trails. I have them in an array of colors and find them to be so comfy (I know not everyone digs the built-in undies, haha).

When I do muscle sculpting classes at my local Golds Gym I have to be in spandex cropped workout pants. With all the ups and downs, it's just easier with these on. I also feel leaner in them for some reason.  My favorites are from Old Navy:

The prices don't hurt either! I've had several pairs for years and the quality has held up!

For on top I used to hit the gym in my sorority tee's, but have finally graduated to fitness tanks and tees. I love Under Armour's Charged Cotton tops and Old Navy's too (I swear I'm not sponsored for this, they just make good stuff at great prices!)

I like the crew neck version and UA's tanks a lot too (and can usually find them on sale!)

Old Navy

I don't have this one yet, but it's so cute! Kendi looks super cute in it.

Old Navy's sports bras do the trick, too

I don't own any lululemon...yet... but am tempted. Are their clothes worth the price and hype?
lululemon's widely loved "wunder unders"

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