April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

Echoing the words of every person in DC, WOOHOO it finally felt like spring this weekend!!
driving past the Washington Monument on the way home on Friday

To end a long week, Paul and I went to dinner and drinks after work on Friday. Last week just seemed to drag on, so when Friday came, I was so ready to relax and unwind :) We went to EatBar for dinner and really enjoyed it! It's the sister restaurant of Tallula where I recently went with my girlfriends.

Another bottle of Malbec that we enjoyed. EatBar has such a cool and cozy vibe. After dinner we watched the "rock"-umentary "Don't Stop Believing - Everyman's Journey." My boyfriend is a huge Journey fan and so this was a must watch for us. We really enjoyed it - great story along with killer music.

OnDemand and in some theaters - fun date night movie

Saturday was jam-packed. After Paul and I each worked out we went into the city to help his brother & fiancé move into their new apartment. Word to the wise... do not do a hard workout before helping friends move! My arms felt like jelly, and I'm afraid I wasn't much help, ha.

We also stopped by a Nissan dealership to see what are lease options are - we're hoping to get a SUV soon, but I think we'll have to wait a bit longer. It was, however, so fun to see new cars.

That evening we took advantage of the warm weather to meet friends at the Arlington Rooftop Bar & Grill to watch the Final Four. Very exciting games.

We ended the weekend with a birthday brunch at Beacon Bar & Grill for our friend Jeff. Wow... bottomless brunch can get dangerous! Lots of mimosas, waffles, bacon, and friends. The birthday boy made sure to have his fair share of mimosas ;)

A few of us kept celebrating outside in the warm 70 degree weather, and then made the very smart decision to get Chipotle for dinner. Diet starts again today. ;)

And last but not least... MAD MEN RETURNED!!! (I DVR'ed the season premiere due to the bottomless mimosas.... those make it hard to stay up much past 9, ha). 

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