April 1, 2013

Weekend Recap - 85th Birthday & Easter

This weekend was so special.

I took Friday off work to head down to Richmond, VA to be with my Mom's-side of the family to celebrate my grandfather's 85th birthday.  After lunch my aunts and I headed to do some Spring wardrobe shopping and we all walked out with a few new key pieces :) (LOFT had another 40% off sale this weekend, and it looks like today it's 50% off everything!).

My grandfather and step-grandmother drove up from Edenton, NC for the weekend - and three of my cousins came back from college for the big weekend. It was so wonderful to be with everyone. 22 in total!! Friday night we spent retelling our favorite stories over dinner and watching more March Madness (madness is seriously the best way to describe it, too!).  We enjoyed this gelato after dinner, have you had it? It's so creamy & rich - loved it!

Saturday was the big birthday celebration and the weather was beautiful!!! My aunt put together a fantastic collage for my grandfather. We all had such a great time going through the photos.

The birthday boy checking out the photos spanning a lifetime!

My grandfather is the sweetest man on this planet. It was so wonderful we were all able to get together to celebrate him.

Baba (as we call our granfather) with almost all of his grandkids! We're only missing 1 in this pic :)

We dove back to my parents' house Saturday after dinner, and spent Easter together as the "Original 6" (Blair's husband and Paul were both out of town this weekend).

We enjoyed Easter mass and an amazing Easter dinner that my Mom made. Complete with our traditional honey baked ham and ending with strawberry shortcake and homemade whipped cream... so good.

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