March 26, 2013

A No Gym Morning Workout

This morning I was so proud of myself for waking up in the 6:00 hour to get a workout in before work. I love getting my workouts done before work so I have it out of the way and the rest of the day ahead - plus I swear it wake me up more than a cup of coffee. However, lately the cold weather has kept me hitting snooze longer, and working out either after work or on my lunch break. Either of those later options are usually fine, but today I have a jam-packed schedule and wanted to get my sweat on early.

I went down to my teeny tiny apartment gym and it was full (read, there were 2 people in there, and that's about max capacity). Too cold to walk to Gold's Gym (and dark), I remembered a pin I saw about a morning workout. Pinterest to the rescue!

I followed this routine and did it three times, and you know what? It was pretty good! I used my stop-watch to keep me honest for the wall sit and planks :) Each routine took about 7-8 min, so under 25 min total. I don't think this will replace my normal workouts, but it was easy to do in my small apartment living area and my heart rate def got up. Keeping this pin in my back pocket for future mornings I'm in a pinch. 


  1. What a great post and I'm going to copy this work out because I've been stuck inside in the cold the past couple days. Great blog and you write really well

    xoDale Janeé (Stylist in San Francisco)

  2. Thank you! It's always nice to find something you can do inside - hope you enjoy it.